I’d like to announce the release of a new staking tool called, an elegant easy to use staking tool for EOS. This tool was developed to help EOS users and developers have one simple tool for staking assets.


Many of us support projects we care about and almost every project offers some kind of staking incentive for their token. While most projects that offer staking generally know what features they want, they lose sight of keeping things simple. When we created we knew it had to be simple and easy to navigate. not only makes things simple for the end user, it takes the stress off the project owner from having to worry about creating and update complex staking tools.

The Future:

As we move forward, once a project gets listed on we will keep it updated and if we find projects to be bad actors we will remove them. We plan on adding more features, like YOLO Integration to allow users to quickly swap assets as they please and the ability for developers to embed staking right into their project. This will allow for project owners to have more time to focus on updating their projects. We also plan on adding other blockchains such as ETH, TRON, WAX and more.