EDNA Staking Tool
EDNA is a Blockchain-Biotech organization working to insure Human DNA belongs to Humans, not governments or multi-national megacorps. EDNA has two branches: The Lab, which operates a secure sequencing service to allow you to 100% anonymously and securely store your DNA on the Blockchain and earn passive profits with it should you so choose. The second branch, The DAC is the community that manages the Lab, it is made up of Scientists, Genetic Councilors, Bio-Hacking experts teamed up with people just like you. Together they manage the lab, help you understand your own DNA, negotiate contracts with outside research groups to earn you profits and conduct internal research to advance genetics. They are even working to help you change your DNA using CRISPR Technologies. EDNA operates using digital stored units of value called “EDNA’s”. They are cryptocurrency service tokens that can be exchanged for DNA Sequencing Services. Additionally, just owning these tokens also entitles an owner to membership, voting, participation and other rights within the EDNA Community DAC (Decentralized Autonomous Community). The ultimate aim of EDNA is to end human suffering caused by genetic disease, enhance longevity and to insure the future of DNA and DNA modification is controlled by the Humans it impacts.

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