Trybe Wallet
Trybe is a Tokenized Knowledge and Content Sharing Platform
Trybe is creating a new standard for worldwide journalism – allowing people who are passionate and knowledgeable about their field to create high-quality articles and get instantly rewarded! A peer review system makes sure any articles are verified by at least one other expert before they’re published – and then the community has the chance to comment, review, and collaborate too. The best content earns the most TRYBE tokens as well as being displayed more prominently on the site

Staking / Un-staking

Easily stake or un-stake your EDNA using this tool, There are no minimum stakes, and you can withdraw at any time.


Scatter Integration

EDNA was developed using scatter to allow you to easily get started with a program already used and trusted by most.


Claim Rewards

Claim rewards weekly, monthly or quarterly. (Depends on what term you selected).

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